iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS Devices

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Initial Set Up (these steps won’t need to be repeated):

Use the App Store to find the OverDrive Media Console App and download it by clicking on the FREE icon, then click again after it turns into INSTALL.


 Once OverDrive has been successfully installed a new icon will appear on the desktop of your device called OverDrive click on the icon to launch the program:


 Upon opening the App you will be prompted to sign up for an Overdrive account. Click on Sign up and choose to either Sign in with your Facebook Account or click on Click here to enter your information and set an account up.


 Re-open the App and click on ipad4 in the top left corner. Click on Add a Library. From this page you will be able to search for 08094 and find us. Click on Free Public Library of Monroe and then click the star next to South Jersey Regional Library to Bookmark us. ipad5Click on the words South Jersey Regional Library to open the OverDrive eBook catalog. From here you can sign into your account by hitting Sign In:

Select Monroe Township then enter your library card number (including the letter or symbol): ipad7
The initial set up is complete!

Searching for eBooks in Overdrive

Click on the search icon (the magnifying glass). Do a simple search or click Advanced Search to do a more complex search. Click show only titles with copies available if you wish to only see the items available for check out today.

When the item is an eBook it will have a blackbook in the top right corner of the title. When the item is an audiobook it will have a blackaudiobook in the top right corner of the title. When you find a book you would like to check out click on the title and then click on the Borrow button. (When the title is gray like this graybook that means there is a wait list and you will need to Place a Hold. You will need to click on the title and then click the Place a Hold button. Enter your email and you will be placed on a waiting list. Overdrive will email you when the item is available. You will then have 48 hours to log on and check the item out.) ipad9Once you have clicked on the Borrow button you will be brought to your Bookshelf where you can click the blue Download button. Choose EPUB eBook and click Confirm & Download. (Ask a librarian for information on downloading Kindle format books with the Kindle App.)
ipad10Once the title is done loading click on the graylines button in the top left corner and click on the Bookshelf. ipad11From the Bookshelf you can click on the title of the book you wish to start reading. Enjoy!

eBooks and audiobooks do not have to be returned. Once the due date has passed the title will automatically expire and be removed from your device. To delete or return items early click on the item and hold until the option to Return pops up.


Questions? We’re always happy to help!

856-629-1212 . https://monroetpl.wordpress.com . monroelibinfo@gmail.com

[[Click here for a printer-friendly version.]]